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Spring Real Estate Market Information

March 7, 2016

From Loan Officer Joy James

From Loan Officer Joy James

Spring is typically a busy season for real estate. There is an abundance of inventory and buyers looking to buy. If you are thinking about purchasing or selling a home, this article provides Spring real estate market information.

The Impact of Seasons

Spring tends to be a less busy season from a personal perspective. Fall is busy with back-to-school adjustments. After that arrives the winter months with shopping and parties. People are occupied with tax preparation in the first couple months of the year. Only after that will schedules clear up for many. The days get longer, the climate warms up, and people generally accomplish more come Spring months. As a result, Spring is a busier time of year for real estate.

Availability of Homes

Sellers often believe that their homes show best in the spring and summer and that this will help them attain a higher home price. They naturally start fixing up the outside of the home as the weather changes and trees begin to grow. The longer days also grant a little extra time for all of this. The Spring historically brings an influx of home listings as a result. This also means higher competition, so sellers should think carefully about pricing their properties competitively to obtain a quick sale. They may want to also simplify the showing process. Home buyers will skip properties with difficult or restrictive showing procedures. With the right pricing and viewing procedures, Sellers will take advantage of the Spring market.

More Competition

Buyers also find more time to spend on a home search in the Spring and look forward to seeing more options. It is important for home buyers to stay focused on their criteria rather than looking to see each listing for sale. The best properties will go quickly because of the volume of buyers competing. Buyers who wait too long may end up losing the home of their dreams.

Spring Real Estate Market Information

To make the most of the Spring real estate market, get advice and help from an experienced real estate broker. For sellers, it is critical not to overprice or lose marketing time. Buyers should remain up to date on newly listed properties with help from a real estate professional. It is also important for home buyers not to lose perspective. With some guidance, you can accomplish your buying or selling goals this year. Contact Guaranty Mortgage 770-614-7425 or for additional Spring real estate market information, to be connected with a reputable local real estate agent, or for a mortgage pre-approval.

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