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Tips For Families Moving With Children

April 20, 2015

From Loan Officer Lisa Lawson

From Loan Officer Lisa Lawson

Moving is generally a stressful change, especially for children. To help children cope with the transition, there are certain things that you can do prior to, during, and after the event. This article contains tips for families moving with children.

In Advance of the Move

Problems begin way before the actual move. Communication is critical. Make sure your children understand what to expect. Instill some excitement by allowing them to help with planning. Describe all of the great things that will come from the move as opposed to things left behind.

On the Big Day

Change is hard for everyone. As stressful as it might be, try to keep positive. Your attitude has a direct impact on your children and their state of mind. Below are some other things you may do on moving day.

Familiar Things – While moving, remember to set aside familiar belongings instead of making children wait for the moving truck to arrive and belongings to be unloaded. Those belongings will provide some comfort.

Schedules – Moving can temporarily disturb regular routines. Attempt to maintain routines with stories, meal times, and play times.

Create an Adventure – Make the event exciting by doing things such as having a camp out in your house before the movers arrive. This is fun for the kids and may be comforting to keep parents and kids together for their first time in a strange home.

Settling in to a New Home

Sometimes distractions help minimize stress. Think of fun activities to do once you are in a new house. This creates memorable moments. Here are some suggestions.

Movie Night – Getting together for a favorite movie can make the new home feel familiar.

Explore the Area – Most families have a special restaurant or store. Find new places to favor. Better yet, find things that were not available in the old neighborhood. It will make the new place feel special.

Personalizing the Home – Most rooms require painting, so ask your children to get involved. Small children can choose color schemes or accent pieces and older children can complete some of the work. This participation will give them some ownership of their new house.

Additional Tips For Families Moving With Children

The most important thing to keep in mind when moving is that children may misbehave. Be patient when they act out understanding that they might require time to grapple with the transition. Keep lines of communication open so they are comfortable expressing their worries. This also gives you the ability to understand and guide them through it. Remember the above tips for families moving with children and think of other interesting things to do with your children.

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