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Tactics for Closing Deals Before Year-End

November 3, 2014
From Loan Officer Daphne Tapp

From Loan Officer Daphne Tapp

The days are getting shorter. Winter is coming, and that means that you have just 6-8 weeks to get deals done before the end of the year.  This is a smart time to analyze where your best opportunities are, and focus on them. Here are some ideas:

  1. Current listings: This is your number one priority and the source of most of your deals as the year wraps up. Evaluate each listing and determine why it hasn’t sold yet, and make adjustments. Does the price need to be lower?  De-cluttered even more?  More intense or different marketing?Identify the main reason, in your opinion, and tackle that problem with the appropriate solution.
  2. Active buyers and sellers: What do your customers need to help them buy or sell their home? What will motivate them to take action? If you don’t know, this is the first step. Get more engaged with them to find out what’s holding them back. Is there a lack of homes on the market that your buyers like? Is it worth approaching people whose homes do match their wish list to potentially create some new options?  Do you have sellers who hesitate to list their homes right now, and if so, why? Find out and address those issues, if you can.
  3. Cool Leads. At one time they were anxious to get started in the home buying process, but now – not so much.  Maybe life events forced them to delay their plans or they just got busy over the summer and never cleaned out that basement or redid the landscaping they planned to. In any case, reconnect with them. They may be ready to list or look for a new home now, but you won’t know if you don’t check in with them again.

Sellers may be hesitant about listing their homes as the holidays approach, believing it will be a hassle and a waste of time because many people don’t like to move at that time. It’s true that fewer people buy homes during the final months of the year, but it’s also true that those who remain in the market as potential buyers are extremely motivated and serious, making them excellent prospects for sellers. After all, it only takes one buyer to make an offer!

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