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The Value of Real Estate Professionals – In the Fine Print?

October 27, 2014
From Loan Officer John Hendley

From Loan Officer John Hendley

Have you heard prospects or customers pose the question: Is a real estate professional necessary anymore? People are considering that question, even if you aren’t hearing it. These voices point to the extensive listings on MLS, the grand online photos that are practically a walking tour of each property, and the information on school districts and taxes that are public record and available at a click or a swipe.  With all of that information, what does a real estate professional do that a buyer or seller can’t? You have to be able to communicate clearly why a client needs you.

What do real estate professionals really offer buyers and sellers, and how can you be sure they know it?

One successful realtor admitted on a local radio show that he believes 99% of home marketing is getting a listing on the MLS. A shocking admission! So how does that comment, heard by thousands of radio listeners, help him remain successful?

First, it’s something that buyers and sellers are already thinking, even if they never voice it. They see the MLS as the main part of the home buying process, and the most important. However, that’s where professionals have to educate their customers that even if it’s the most obvious thing they do, it’s not necessarily the most important.

This realtor went on to explain that a more important benefit received by working with a real estate professional is you have an expert in your corner to ensure you are protected both legally and financially throughout the home buying process. They assist in writing a solid offer to purchase, which considers different outcomes and protects against them. Real estate professionals understand the art of negotiating the best deal, and then they handle all of the legalities of the sale, which can include unusual situations not expected at the onset.

By telling clients about these activities, which also happen to be the areas in which buyers and sellers feel most uncertain, you reinforce to them that your value goes well beyond fantastic pictures on MLS to vital steps that can either save them or cost them money.

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