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Social Media – Finding Your “Voice”

October 13, 2014
From Loan Officer Shellie Sexton

From Loan Officer Shellie Sexton

Social media. Yes, it’s still a hot topic. Yes, it’s a true, effective marketing channel. And yes, you do need to be using it if you’re not. That being said, each social media site is meant for different goals and hosts a different audience. For those who are already active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or other sites, you see those differences. But how do you develop your “voice” so it matches the channel and accomplishes your goals?

Culture: Every company has something about it that’s unique, even if you aren’t sure what it is. Brainstorm with other colleagues. Are you active in the community?  Are you known for your educational seminars? Social activities? Charitable work? Is your office buttoned down or casual? Figure out what characterizes your culture and let that be the foundation to fine-tune your voice.

Community: Pay attention to this C because this is how you build rapport with clients. Who is the community you are trying to reach? Home buyers? Those interested in building? Empty nesters looking to downsize? Vacation home buyers? All of the above? What matters to them? Consider the topics they bring up to you or have concerns about. When you know what their hot buttons are, you can make them the cornerstone of your voice.

Communication: To be successful in the social media space, you need to know what you want to do there. Educate, inform, entertain. Pick a verb that defines what you want to be doing on the social media channel and filter all of your postings through that lens. Once you know the content, be conversational in presenting it. How would you talk to a friend about the topic? That’s what you are shooting for in your social media communication.

Your voice should be authentic to your company. Manufactured voices will always be revealed because if the voice doesn’t match the experience or ambiance the company gives off, people will know it’s fake.

Social media is about making connections, not sales. That can’t be stressed enough.  When people like and trust your brand, they are more likely to choose you. Social media lets you go beyond the impressions created by your brick and mortar building or your marketing brochures or ads to let clients in on the personality of your company. That’s how sales are really made.


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