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Networking Remains Effective and Essential

August 18, 2014
From Loan Officer Eddie Kirby

From Loan Officer Eddie Kirby

People like to buy from other people they know and like. It’s just that simple. That is why face-to-face networking remains so powerful, despite the rapid growth of more impersonal, electronic communication.  As new home buyers enter the market, they will be looking for real estate professionals they can trust and with whom they like working.

Six Simple Networking Ideas:

1. Be enthusiastic about networking. Although networking doesn’t come naturally to many of us, it should because it’s really just about showing a genuine interest in another person in the hopes of making a connection.  So, don’t just go through the motions… anyone and everyone can eventually lead to a sale.

2. Give yourself an intro. When someone asks you about yourself, be prepared with a 2-3 sentence description about who you are and what you do. Consider the main words you want your new acquaintance to remember.  Builder… custom homes… Bob.   Use specific words so that if the person remembers nothing else about you, they remember at least those key points.

3. Be memorable. That does not mean wearing the lamp shade on your head at the end of a networking event. Instead, highlight something in your dress that separates you from the crowd. Maybe a unique -but sharp – tie, an unusual piece of jewelry, or a brightly colored shirt.

4. Ready your hand shake. Has someone ever extended a hand to you, but you were too busy juggling your appetizer plate to respond? Since a majority of people are right handed, get into the habit of holding your refreshment in your left hand, keeping your other hand free for greetings.

5. Don’t forget the business cards.  It sounds like sales 101, but so many people neglect this important networking tool. Either they forget them at the office or they don’t use them.  If you feel uncomfortable offering business cards in casual situations, ask for a business card instead. You will now have detailed information on the person you’ve been talking to and that person will likely ask you for your card in return. Be generous – give them several and ask them to share with anyone who needs your services.

6. Write a note. Every interaction is an important one, so treat it that way. Follow up each conversation with a handwritten note, whether you talked real estate or made small talk. Thank him/her for spending time with you and that you hope to meet again in the future.




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