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Four Characteristics of Winning Agents

May 19, 2014
From Loan Officer Eddie Kirby

From Loan Officer Eddie Kirby

You have your own strengths and your own style. Every real estate professional does. You may observe some of the most powerhouse agents and wonder if you need to adopt their style because it seems to be working. It’s not that these successful professionals have something others don’t… it’s more likely that they DO things that others don’t.

Here are four things that good agents do to close more deals:

  1. Look back.  Not in regret! Look back and evaluate how your efforts have been paying off. One way is to identify a disappointment and a win from the past year. What happened in each case? Do a post-mortem… try to narrow down activities that resulted in a positive outcome and what might have been lacking in a situation when things didn’t go as planned. This doesn’t have to be formal, carve-time-out-on-your-calendar self-examination. It can be done in the car as you drive home. You just need time to think and linger on the details of past activities.
  2. Keep moving forward.  No matter what setbacks or disappointments successful agents experience in a given day or week, they brush them off and keep doing the next thing. Consistency is key. It’s tempting to get thrown off track by obstacles, but staying in your routine will maintain momentum.
  3. Set a target to shoot at. How do you know when you’re successful? When you hit the goal you set for yourself! Do you see where we’re going with this? You can’t hit a target if you never set one.
  4. Create a winning team. You are the company you keep.  The partners and vendors you align yourself with have to be as committed as you are to giving excellent service. If they are not, it reflects poorly on you. Walk through the customers’ experience in your mind from beginning all the way to the closing. Are they receiving prompt replies to their calls and questions? Do they believe they are getting complete information?

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