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Customer Experience: What Do They Want?

May 12, 2014
From Loan Officer Daphne Tapp

From Loan Officer Daphne Tapp

When is the last time you asked, “What do my customers want in the home buying process?”  If you haven’t thought about that question in a while – or ever – this might be the time to implement a customer experience map.

This tool is a new and improved version of marketing funnels. A customer experience map is a visual representation of what a customer does, thinks, and expects as they consider buying your product. It’s rarely linear because a customer’s journey is usually a winding route through the sales process, particularly as the social media and technology continues to expand.

How can you develop a customer experience map?

1.    Define your personas. That’s a fancy way to saying, “Figure out your target markets.” You already have some information. From your own database or surveys, do you know who your customers are and what they like? What marketing sources they used to find you? Google Analytics is a wealth of information on how prospects use your website. What pages are getting the most hits? Which have high bounce rates? What’s the natural path readers take through your site? What type of devices do they use?

The best customer data comes from customers, of course. Through surveys or interviews, you can find out where customers start in the sales process, which touch points they hit and circle back to, and what their expectations and frustrations are at different points.

2.     Determine sales stages.  Imagine you are walking behind a customer as he works through the sales process. What does he do first? Or concurrently? Does he check out Google reviews while also reaching out to his network on social media for referrals? Does he compare different websites to see which listings are easiest to view and navigate?

3.     Focus on customer goals, not yours. What does the customer want in each stage? Here are some typical examples: To obtain information. Compare choices. Choose a professional. Narrow down properties. Close quickly within predetermined budget.

4.    Outline touch points at each stage. Are you delivering what the
customer wants at each touch point If not, can you fix it?

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