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How Strengths & Weaknesses Affect Your Success

May 5, 2014
From Loan Officer John Hendley

From Loan Officer John Hendley

There are two schools of thought on achievement in business. One says to shore up your weaknesses because they are probably dragging you down. Another says to ignore your weaknesses and emphasize your strengths instead. The truth may be right down the middle.  Everyone is different, and that’s a good thing. So, it makes sense that what works for one professional won’t work the same for you. It may… but it may not!  So, what can you do?


  1. Look back objectively at what has worked. It should be pretty obvious what you’ve done in the past that was worth your time. Your social media attention? Your presence at networking events? Your referral network?  These are the actions, but not the strengths themselves. What made you so successful at these activities? Maybe you have a great drive to achieve. Or you inspire others with your vision. Or your analytical talents help you maximize your SEO. Figure out what is behind your successful activities. They may be strengths you can use in other areas too.
  2. Do more of what has worked.  If that sounds ridiculously obvious, it is. But try it. You might be surprised how much time you are spending on doing things that are not working for you. And how difficult it is to break free. Check your calendar – and your checkbook – they will show you where you’re investing time and resources. Is it in areas that pay off for you the most? If not, it’s time to weed out the distractions that don’t benefit your business. Are you getting no leads from networking events, but success from your blog writing? Then spend time on that. Again, everyone is different, and has different areas in which they excel. When you find yours, make sure you are spending time doing them.
  3. Don’t ignore your weaknesses. Check that calendar and checkbook again. It’s a good bet that the things you don’t see in them are the things you don’t like doing.  That may be okay, but only if those areas don’t minimize your strengths. For instance, you are great at brainstorming and starting projects, but you get distracted easily. That weakness can completely derail the power of your strengths.


There are many free and paid online tests that promise to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses if you’re not sure what yours are. If nothing else, it can give you something to think about as you continue to grow your business into the future.

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