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Drawing Out an Under Communicator

April 28, 2014
From Loan Officer Shellie Sexton

From Loan Officer Shellie Sexton

While it can be frustrating to deal with clients who complain or demand too much, it can be equally difficult to work with a customer who doesn’t communicate enough.  If you don’t know what they think as you go through the sales process with them, it will be almost impossible to find them a property they love.

What’s going on in your clients’ heads? Are they satisfied, frustrated, distracted, worried?  How can you draw them out to learn how to provide them with the best possible home if they won’t share their thoughts?

  1. Give them control.  Consumers are often advised not to show their cards too soon. Maybe that advice has worked too well, because even in home buying, some customers silence their true feelings so they can keep the upper hand. Remind them that they make the final decision. Your job is to give them enough information and choices so they can feel comfortable doing that.
  2. Start with the facts first.  Under communicators may be wary of the sales process, for some reason. To calm anxiety, share objective facts with them first to build trust and credibility.
  3. Ask: “What about this do you like?”  It’s easier for under communicators to talk about positives instead of negatives. So, if a client doesn’t like a property that matches everything on the wish list, instead of asking what was wrong with it, ask what was right! And listen.
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