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Gearing up for the Busy Season

April 21, 2014
From Loan Officer Joy James

From Loan Officer Joy James

The busy season is upon us and for most, it’s a welcome sight!  How can you make the most of increased interest from prospective home buyers this spring and summer?   By putting things in place ahead of time, you can be responsive and efficient to clients, even when you are swamped.


  • Don’t over schedule: Scheduling is the most important part of your business and doing it well can land you many glowing referrals. Over scheduling can cause you to be late to appointments, miss them all together, rush through meetings, and generally earn a reputation that is less than stellar. Determine how many appointments you can handle in one day, without feeling rushed, and stick to it.  Be sure to realistically calculate travel and parking time – if an appointment is an hour away, allotting exactly one hour will probably mean that you’re late!


  • Preplan your schedule:  Schedule important business or personal commitments on your calendar BEFORE the busy season starts. Use your down time in the winter to fill in your calendar for the upcoming year with networking meetings, school events, industry conferences, and other events that are important to you.  Don’t let your schedule control you – control your schedule.  At the same time, be flexible with your clients when you can be since they are also managing busy schedules.


  • Stock up on inventory: Why waste time during your busy season doing tasks that don’t bring in business or profit? Those should be handled in downtime, as well. Preprint sales kits and forms and have prepared packages ready and waiting. Store a stash of materials in your car so they are available for unexpected appointments while on the road or for spontaneous stops.  Be sure your office is fully stocked with the office supplies you need to do your job. You don’t want to spend time ordering paper and toner when you could be meeting with a client.


  • Team up with technology:  Buyers now want more information, more quickly, with more detail to be sent to them electronically, whether to their computers, smart phones, or other devices. That alone is reason enough to embrace technology. But, there’s another plus – technology can also help you do your job better. Answering emails while out of the office, having your calendar on your phone so you can set appointments with prospective buyers on the fly, even listing properties or building referrals on social media sites all make you a better real estate professional because you are more accessible.


  • Turn off technology (sometimes):  It’s okay – and even healthy- to turn off your phone and laptop and become “unavailable” so you can spend time thinking about the direction of your business.  How are things going? What have you let slide lately? What new ideas have you been thinking of, but haven’t had time to implement?  How is your staff doing? What has feedback been from prospective buyers lately? Do this during slower times so you can follow through on your evaluation in time for your busy period. And, don’t feel guilty! This time is as productive and may be ultimately as profitable to your career.

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