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It’s Never Too Late to Reconnect with Past Customers

March 31, 2014
From Loan Officer Daphne Tapp

From Loan Officer Daphne Tapp

All real estate professionals know the importance of keeping in touch with past clients, but that task can get pushed aside when you have more pressing, immediate things to do. If you feel that too much time has passed, you might be uncomfortable reaching out to them. However, this is a very valuable market for you, and there are simple ways to reconnect with clients, no matter how long it’s been.

Send a thank you.  So you haven’t worked with them in a year or five? That’s okay. A hand-written thank-you note is very unusual in today’s technology-obsessed culture, and it will be noticed and appreciated.

Here’s one idea on what you might write: “I was in the area (if you were!) and thought of your family. I hope you are enjoying your home, and the neighborhood.  If you ever need anything in the future, feel free to give me a call or drop me an email anytime.”

Send a short newsletter or even a single page letter with content especially interesting to past clients. Some ideas for established homeowners are: new landscaping trends, upcoming community events, spring cleaning tips, local housing news, and more. The key is to give past clients something of value instead of just a sales pitch. But, do include a mention that you are available for future real estate needs.

Survey them. Another way to reconnect is to ask past clients to tell you what they want in a real estate professional. Here’s an idea: “In an effort to give the best possible service to my past and current buyers and sellers, I like to ask you periodically how I can do better. Would you tell me a little bit about what you want in a real estate professional by completing this survey?” Again, you’re not surprising them with an aggressive sales pitch. You are easing your name back in front of them, but also gaining excellent insight into what their hot buttons might be.

Social media. If you’re not using social media for your business, you need to start. It’s relatively easy to find customers through a search and send them a request to connect. This will be increasingly more important as more of your buyers are Millenials because they spend a lot of time on social media, and they value opinions and recommendations from others on social media, too.

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