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Three Things Real Estate Professionals Can Learn from Soldiers

March 10, 2014
From Loan Officer Joy James

From Loan Officer Joy James

Every day, men and women in the military go about their missions, and sometimes we hear about one of the many successes they achieve. Their bravery, discipline and perseverance are legendary, but is it also something that those in the business world can learn from?

The Harvard Business Journal sought out the answer, looking specifically at how the military prepared soldiers for leadership in the private sector. What key factors are present in the military that can be utilized in our work with buyers and sellers?

Training is intentional. Leaders in the military are made, not born. They follow clear sequential processes and steps to learn and then carry out their duties. They must take ownership for their performance and responsibilities, no matter what their duties or rank.

In the same way, real estate professionals need to take ownership and responsibility for their education, in order to be well trained in the industry. That can range from understanding the latest economics of financing to learning social media. Are you making sure you’re staying current in your education or do you assume that what was true last year remains true today?

Leaders put followers’ needs first.  In the military, that means a leader is willing to sacrifice for those who serve under him or her. In the business world, that looks different, but the idea is still the same. What do you do that costs you something in time or money, but is for the best of your customers? Do you spend extra time educating new homebuyers on the basics of the process? Have you offered new, more convenient ways to work with you, such as mobile, texting, Facebook?  Buyers and sellers are more willing to give you their business when they know you are actively looking out for their best interest.

Trust. Soldiers become more like brothers because they learn to rely on each other and work toward a singular goal. Can your customers count on you when you make a promise? Do you really listen to what they want and then do your best to deliver? Do your colleagues see you as a trust-worthy go-to person?  In a service industry like real estate, when you are selling your knowledge and reliability, it’s obvious that earning trust is one of the most important things you can do to attract and maintain clients.

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