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Maximizing Social Media – Part 2

March 3, 2014
From Loan Officer Lou King

From Loan Officer Lou King

In the past several years, real estate professionals have been told repeatedly to get into social media. Many of you have, but without a clear focus on what or why you were there. Today’s homebuyer and definitely tomorrow’s rely heavily on social media, so it’s not something you can choose to ignore if you want your business to grow.

This is the year to fine-tune your social media and refocus. That may be doing less, but doing it better. Focus on the basics and do them well.

Receiving notifications: Too many businesses throw up a post on Facebook and then disappear for days. Is that you?  In the meanwhile, a fan has posted a comment or question and is waiting for a reply.  It would be rude to ignore a prospect for days at a time in any setting, but on social media it’s magnified because there’s an expectation that you’ll reply almost immediately.

Make sure notifications are checked in your Facebook settings so you know about new comments, posts, or activity on your wall. Plan to engage with the visitor within an hour if possible. That may be as easy as liking their comment or writing a quick: “Thanks! Happy to help.”

Why are you writing?

Before you hit submit, read your update and determine whether it has a call to action to like, share, or comment. Plan what you want every post to do, and evaluate whether the content promotes that action. You can’t build relationships and conversation if you don’t write updates that engage readers.

Be real.

Your Facebook presence isn’t about marketing. It’s about relating. So be human. Show genuine interest. Thank people for comments. Ask them questions. Laugh at yourself. Give an honest opinion. The more real you are, the more you’ll differentiate yourself.

Share stories.
Coming up with update content can be one of the hardest parts of staying active on social media. What about client success stories and positive experiences?  “Just wrote an offer today for Sue and Dan on a great ranch near the kids’ school!  It has a huge playroom, perfect for the kids to build their new Lego castle. Congratulations!”

Social media expert Dave Crumby of Realvolve writes: “Social Media is not a megaphone. Social media is more like a pair of headphones. Tune in to what people are broadcasting via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and really listen. You’ll be amazed at what you hear. The ultimate goal of technology and social in real estate is not the closing of sales, but the cultivation of relationships with human beings. “

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