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Be a Get-It-Done Real Estate Broker

January 20, 2014
From Loan Officer Joy James

From Loan Officer Joy James

Working with buyers can be a balancing act. They need you to lead and to lend your expertise to them, but they also want to know their needs and preferences are being heard.  How do you keep the process moving ahead while also accommodating your buyers?

Set a timeline in advance. Ask your buyers when they want to move into a new home. Then work backwards to set critical dates to make that deadline. Maybe they want to be in a new home before school starts. Having a specific due date can encourage your buyers to stay actively committed to finding a home more quickly.

Give them the best right away. Your job, as an agent, is to show buyers as many properties that closely match what they want. Be clear that the properties you’re sharing are the best matches to what they’ve asked for. They should know that additional searches would yield homes that are lacking key items from their wish list.  Offering to find more homes implies you didn’t give them all of the options upfront, and you may have missed properties that are better.

Gather information without sharing your own preferences. Yes, buyers want your opinion as a home buying expert, but not necessarily about your personal affinity or dislike of a house they are considering. Instead, probe them to learn what they think about the home. What do they find attractive? Lacking? Ask them questions and take notes if necessary, because every home you tour together is, at the very least, an opportunity to learn more about what they want. If this isn’t the right house, you’ll learn why and can anticipate and problem-solve issues in other homes.

Test closing questions to learn whether they’re ready to say yes. “What bedroom would Johnny like?” “Can you see yourself entertaining in this kitchen?”  “Does this bathroom work for you?”  Some people need to be prodded to make a yes-or-no decision. Others still need help visualizing how their family would use the space, and your questions can help them imagine it. Once they begin to see themselves living in the house, they’re one step closer to placing an offer.

For additional tips on moving the home buying process forward, contact your loan officer.

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