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Ideas for Selling a Home During the Holidays

November 18, 2013
From Loan Officer Joy James

From Loan Officer Joy James

When it the right time for a seller to put their home on the market?  Many experts would respond, “Whenever they’re ready!” So how do you attract interest to properties now –  amid the distractions and busyness of the holiday season?

Keep holiday decorations tasteful and neutral. Twinkling lights and rich green wreaths can warm up a home and help buyers envision their own holiday there. But overdone or poorly done holiday decorations can detract from the home’s appeal. Use a light hand in festive accessories, and choose those that are holiday-neutral.

Make it light and warm. In most places, it gets darker and colder over the winter season. Counteract the doldrums of winter by introducing plenty of lighting and keeping the temperature inside the property very comfortable.

Less greenery means details matter. Without the lush greenery of summer, the exterior of a home is more exposed. Sellers should take a fresh look at the outside of their home to see what items catch a buyer’s eye first, for good or for bad.

Lead a tour virtually.  In December, bad weather can keep buyers inside their own homes, which means they aren’t coming to see yours! Overcome inclement weather by including a video tour of your properties online.

Remind buyers of benefits to buying before year-end. There are many benefits to buying a  home right now. Competitive prices, continued low interest rates, and even tax advantages for some.

Your loan officer will be here throughout the holidays to help you close your deals and enjoy this joyful time of year.

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