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Three Ways to Finish Strong in 2013

November 4, 2013

We’re in the final leg of 2013, moving into the holiday season and year-end.  Traditionally, this is a slower time in the home buying season, but there are ways to maximize your production during these final months, and also set the stage to take off running in 2014.


  1. Review your current pipeline and prioritize. Determine which customers have the best chance of closing by year-end and put them into a high-touch category. That may mean engaging more often with the buyer/seller and the lender or other parties involved to be sure each step of the process is moving forward.

    In addition, meet frequently with your team to be sure everyone knows the priorities and is actively focused on them.

  2. Meet with key members of your referral network. If you have more time right now, so do your valuable referring partners, most likely. This would be a good time to set up calls or meetings with them to see what’s on their plate for the rest of the year, offer assistance in moving some of those clients forward before January 1, and learn what they are gearing up to do in 2014.
  3. Continue marketing. Anything special you do during the holidays – greeting cards or gifts – should be in addition to your normal marketing efforts and not a replacement for them. If you are active in direct mail or social media, continue doing it through the end of the year.

A strong finish is what separates winning real estate professionals from those who cross the finish line behind the pack. In addition, a strong end to the year will poise your business for a solid start in 2014.

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