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Effective Events: Four Tips To Improve Engagement and Enthusiasm

September 30, 2013

There’s nothing more disappointing than putting work into hosting an event, like a home buyer’s seminar, or an open house and having little attendance. Or finding trouble connecting with the attendees who do come so you can take them to the next step of engagement with you.

Your time is precious, and so it the time of your potential audience. How can you maximize the effectiveness and impact of your events and make all of your efforts pay off ultimately with sales and closed deals?

1.      Deliver value.  Do you know what your attendees really want? What information is valuable to them? Relevant to where they are in the buying or selling process? You can get a pulse on that information by asking them when they RSVP for your event. In fact, you can up your participation by promising to address their questions during the event. Offer them the opportunity to submit questions via email ahead of time or right on the sign up form. Then be sure to follow through.

2.      Give them tools to be more effective or productive. For home buyers, you might provide details on local neighborhoods and the benefits of each, including school districts, property taxes, conveniences, location to freeways or shopping, etc. Recognize that their time is as limited as yours is, and help them make the most of it.

3.      Provide a clear agenda and stick to it.  Those guests who choose to come have determined that you have something to share that interests them. Be sure to provide a brief list of what you will cover at your event, and be sure to hit those points. For an open house, you may want to advertise the availability of free resources, such as research, local housing data, etc. for anyone who tours one of your properties

4.      Use social media. A comedian recently joked about the overuse of hashtags in our culture by adding a hashtag after everything he said. Funny, but also revealing. Twitter hashtags have gone mainstream, and the entire social media space has become entrenched in our culture. If you’re not social media savvy, there are still simple things you can do. Create an event on Facebook and promote it. Encourage your attendees to visit your page to share their thoughts/comments/questions – and then be sure you interact with them.

For more ideas on creating a buzz around your events, reach out to your loan officer.


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