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Follow-Up… The Proven Way to Close More Sales

September 16, 2013

Did you know that just 2% of sales are made in the first contact with a customer? However, 48% of sales people never make a second contact!  They stop at one touch and move on to another new prospect, with the same lackluster results.

Sure, follow-up can be difficult. No one wants to seem pushy or be viewed as a pest. But when you conduct your follow-up thoughtfully and consistently, you won’t have to worry about that. Follow up is the key to a successful sales career – 80% of sales happen between the fifth and the eighth contact – so you need to do it, and do it well.

Questions to Ask Before Making a Call:

What: What are you going to say? Give your conversation thought before picking up the phone or sending an email. If you don’t have a goal for the call – even if it’s simply to keep your name fresh in their minds – it’s not worth making it at all.

Who: Are you following up with the right person? Is your contact the decision-maker or do you need to reach out to someone else who will take action?

Who, out of my list of prospects, do I prioritize first? Let’s be honest… there’s usually not enough hours in every day to reach out to all of the potential customers you want to, so prioritizing with purpose becomes important.

When: When can I give follow-up efforts my undivided attention? Schedule calls when you’re not distracted or short on time. You might think some follow-up, even if not perfect, is better than not making the call at all, but customers can usually sense when your mind is elsewhere.

Next week, learn proven tips on how to conduct your follow-up, including prioritizing prospects and knowing what to say.

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