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A Second Opinion Can Save Money For Your Clients

June 10, 2013
From Loan Officer John Hendley

From Loan Officer John Hendley

Did you know that 41% of borrowers spent less than ONE day shopping for a mortgage loan?  And 39% admit they received just ONE quote! *

Homebuyers, who have shown their willingness to comparison shop for almost everything else, tend not to comparison shop for home loans.  And that can be an expensive decision! According to a recent study, this may cost borrowers $1,000 or more in closing costs!#

As you work with your clients, their main concern may simply be getting the property they want and closing as timely as possible. You can extend a valuable, potentially money-saving service to them that will elevate your reputation as a trusted real estate professional by using our Second Opinion Service.

How Second Opinions Work
It’s simple. Even if your client already has a mortgage offer in hand, we’ll review it and compare our programs with it to see if we can provide them with a program that will save them money or provide them with more favorable terms. If we do, they can take advantage of the savings. If we don’t, then they can enjoy peace of mind that they already have a competitive home loan.

Second opinion benefits are clear:
Second opinions can help borrowers find loans that might be a better fit, and can save them money.
Second opinions allow you to differentiate yourself by offering a service that helps your homebuyers get the best home loan possible.
Second opinions provide peace-of-mind to borrowers that they’ve done their homework and have a competitive loan.

Find our more about our Second Opinion service! It’s free!

*Lending Tree and Harris Interactive, #

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