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Conducting Business On The Go

May 30, 2013
From Loan Officer Shellie Sexton

From Loan Officer Shellie Sexton

A few years ago, if you were out of the office for the day, you would return to a pile of emails and voice mails. Today, with mobile devices becoming almost as powerful as desktop computers, you can do almost anything from your car, an open house, or a coffee shop.

 Cell Phone Tips

  • Read your voice mails– Why dial into your voice mail when you can read your messages at a glance? There are many apps for both Apple and Android phones and devices that convert voicemail messages to text messages. If you have a Google Voice account, you already have this capability.
  • Speak text or email messages– Use your commute time between appointments to dictate a voice memo or a message about next steps or follow-up items when they’re still fresh in your mind.
  • Synch your calendar and contacts across multiple devices so you don’t have to re-enter information or input an appointment in several places. Apple’s iCloud gives you the options to synch across devices, but there are apps that offer similar benefits.

 Cloud Computing Tips

  • Phone system: A cloud-based phone system delivers calls over the internet. You can receive office calls on your cell phone, everywhere you go. A virtual phone system adds an extra layer of professionalism to your phone system by including professional messages and menu options. 
  • Collaborative projects: If you need several people to engage with the same document, using a secure cloud-based “meeting place” where the edits are made in a single place saves time and keeps edits and comments together.

There are hundreds of apps in Google Play and iTunes that help you organize and maximize your communication. Many are free! Give them a try – with a little trial and error, you’ll find tools that will help you do your job better, whether in the office or away.

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