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Online searches – Do you have what buyers are looking for?

May 13, 2013
From Loan Officer Lou King

From Loan Officer Lou King

“The sales funnel isn’t really a funnel anymore.” – Google

Gone are the days that consumers followed a predictable singular path from interest to action when buying a home. Today, with plentiful online resources and a motivated consumer who’s actively seeking information, you need a multi-faceted approach that includes online and offline marketing in order to reach buyers.

Consider these facts when it comes to digital:

  • 90% of homebuyers searched for a house online.
  • Real estate-oriented keyword searches are up 253% over the past four years, in a lukewarm housing market!
  • 52% of any action taken on a real estate site comes directly from a local search.

Is your website, blog, or social media efforts optimized so your company appears when prospective buyers search?  They are essentially raising their hand, asking for a real estate professional to connect with them!

According to Google’s most recent data, below are rising keywords in real estate. Compare the list to your website content. Are you using any of these words in an intentional way to drive results to your pages?

Home buying

Renting an Apartment

Renting vs. Buying

House Buying Process

Renting a House

First-time Buyer


Home grants

Home loan/Home loans

Buying a home

Home mortgage calculator

Homebuyer assistance

Retirement Home

Retirement calculator

Retirement homes houston

Best retirement communities

Retirement homes denver


Foreclosure homes

Foreclosure listings

Homes in foreclosure


Mortgage foreclosure

Vacation home

Vacation rentals

Vacation home rentals

Rental homes

Rental vacation homes

Rent vacation homes

For additional marketing tips and information, watch for future Mortgage Fortunes!


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