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Home Buyers Go Mobile In Increasing Numbers

April 8, 2013
From Loan Officer Shellie Sexton

From Loan Officer Shellie Sexton

The traditional home buying process is being transformed by technology! First time homebuyers and seniors are going online for an increasing amount of the home buying process! (30% of seniors surveyed found the home they eventually purchased online!)

A huge growth area is mobile. By 2014, predictions are that more people will use mobile devices to browse the internet than desktop computers and laptops.

Growth of Mobile and Tablet Usage

According to the latest Pew research:

  • 31% of households in the US now own tablets, a huge jump from just 4% that owned them in September 2010.
  • 45% of adults own a smartphone and – an even higher number – 66% of adults aged 18-29 own one. That’s your first time homebuyer!
  • 31% of cell phone users say they do most of their internet browsing on their phones instead of a computer.

How are buyers using mobile devices in their home search?

  • 78% have used a smartphone for directions to see a home.
  • 35% have used their phone to search properties on a listing site.
  • 21% used their mobile to contact a listing agent.
  • Searches on tablets are exploding, too! Year over year, searches for home builders grew by 362% and broker searches increased by 300%!

How are you positioned for mobile usage of your website?

Are you providing the information that buyers are looking for when they go online?

Does your online marketing include the information buyers are seeking?

Watch for a future Mortgage Fortune in which we share data on common search terms that first time homebuyers, empty nesters, and seniors are using when they begin the home buying process!

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