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Practical Organizing Tips for Busy Professionals

January 14, 2013

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to get organized… second only to losing weight!  The problem for most of us is we’re too busy to take time to implement organization tips. So, here are a few tips for busy professionals that really do make a difference, but don’t take long to do:

From Loan Officer Joy James

From Loan Officer Joy James

Computer Organization. Time spent looking for lost emails and documents is time wasted. It’s also embarrassing when you have to request missing information from the sender a second time.

If you can’t organize old emails and documents right now, start with new ones. Dedicate 15 minutes to create subfolders for your in-box and for documents this week, if you don’t have them already. Be specific. You choose – by date, by client, by urgency. Drag new emails into appropriate files immediately, keeping your in-box as a landing spot only.

As you work on new deals and projects, create additional sub-folders as needed. You’ll be amazed how much easier it is to manage thousands of emails and documents when they are filed immediately.

Office space. Sit in your desk and determine the items you use often. Make sure they are within arm’s reach so you don’t have to get up to reach them. Recycling bin. Stapler. Printer, if possible.  Then work out from there.

Keep your desk drawer useful by filling them with just the items you need immediately. Your six-month supply of file folders and printer cartridges just take up valuable space. Move them across the room or office and keep drawers dedicated to daily needs.

Use the power of the cloud. Make use of software and apps that allow you to synchronize contacts, calendars, appointments, notes, and documents between devices.

For example, with a Google account, you can set appointments, view your schedule, share documents, and more. Apps like Evernote, a virtual notebook that stores literally anything from photos, videos, documents, to-do lists, and more, is a powerful way to enter things just once, but access them everywhere. Most programs are very intuitive and let you add new items or edit old ones with a few clicks.

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