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Using Twitter to Enhance Your Business Without Posting a Tweet!

October 22, 2012

Most of the conversation about social media focuses on what YOU have to do to reach potential customers. Valid. But, there’s a lot of value you can draw FROM social media just by having an account and reading what others have to say.

In particular, Twitter can be an excellent source of information specific to real estate, sales, small business, entrepreneurs, or any topic that matters to you. So perhaps the first step in your social media strategy should be to login with a Twitter account and search for conversations on subjects that impact you and your business.

Hashtags Help You Find Valuable Tweets

To find specific conversations, you have to know about hashtags. A hashtag is simply a way of calling attention to a keyword or topic in a Tweet. By adding # in front of a word, it automatically becomes searchable by Twitter. You can, in turn, add hashtags to your own Tweets to summarize your post and make it available in a search.

How to you find hashtags that relate to your business or interest? Help is out there!

  • – Look for hashtags and see which ones are trending right now.
  • Twubs.comTwubs are Twitter groups formed around certain hashtags. You can find what hashtags are popular in certain industries and connect with other members of the group, too.

Connect with your customers or get valuable information to provide to your customers from Twitter.  Follow us as well for useful tips for you and your customers.

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