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Why Local Appraisers Are A Big Deal For Your Deals

October 8, 2012

From Loan Officer Sandie Tate

Could you give an expert opinion on something you weren’t familiar with?  If that sounds ridiculous, you should know that it happens everyday, in housing markets across the country, where appraisers, not local to the area they’re servicing, provide essential home valuations.

At first glance, you might think using an appraiser from outside the area might be a prudent idea because they come in unbiased, with a clean slate. However, the real story is that local appraisers provide much more accurate valuations because of the knowledge they do have of the community they work in.

Local appraisers: Knowledge leads to value

They have a better idea of homes that are truly comparables vs. those that simply appear to be a good match. They understand the unique amenities in certain parts of the market that can elevate home value or make the property more appealing to buyers, like school districts, proximity to shopping and other conveniences, travel patterns near the property, and more. They see past just the structural details of the home and land to other characteristics, to make their final opinion.

As a real estate professional, you can increase the likelihood of closing more sales by partnering with a lender who values local appraisals and uses them in the markets they serve.

Local Appraisers, Centralized Appraisal Desk Keep Underwriting Moving

We are one of those lenders. Not only do we use local appraisers, but we also have a centralized appraisal desk, staffed with mortgage experts who keep in constant communication with our approved appraisers to make sure everything is moving forward for your customers and any issues are dealt with so they don’t delay any closings.

To get your customers into their homes hassle-free contact me today to get started.  We’ll provide your customers with a free pre-approval or second opinion.

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