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Twitter Is More Than Tweets: Ways To Grow Your Social Media Presence

August 27, 2012

From Loan Officer Eddie Kirby

Twitter usage is growing, slowly but surely. It has staked a claim in the business world in a way that Facebook hasn’t, despite its smaller numbers. Consider this… Twitter enjoys 30% greater engagement between working hours – 8am to 7pm. In contrast, Facebook posts receive more looks after work.

Obviously Twitter has something to offer to businesses, but how can you use it effectively?

1. Know how and when to use Twitter.
The numbers above make it clear that you get the best bang for your effort when you Tweet during the workday. But who has time? You can schedule Tweets ahead of time in Twitter so you can plan out the week of Tweets on the weekend and load and schedule them all.  Just don’t schedule more than four per day, per Buddy Media, which analyzed best practices to discover what works.

As for how to Tweet, keep it short and simple. Tweets that were 100 words or less were more highly read than longer ones. In addition, Tweets that use hashtags to summarize a subject (like #housingrebound or #homeprices) have double the engagement of those without. Add a link to your Tweet because it boosts re-tweets by 86%!

2. Identify your target audience by using an advanced search.
Twitter has a number of search terms you can type in to find people interested in specific topics in particular locations. For example, to find people who have questions about buying a home within 20 miles of Chicago, type into the search bar:

  • Near: “Milwaukee” to specify the city
  • Within: 20mi to fine-tune the area around the city
  • “Home buying” in quotations for this exact phrase in the Tweet

The search bar would look like this: “buying a home” Near: “Milwaukee” within: 20mi.

3. Once you find people who match your search, save the group as a Twitter list.
So you’ve found a healthy number of Twitter users who have questions about home buying in your area. Be sure to add them to a Twitter list labeled as such. It’s easy.

On your profile page, click lists/create lists.  Choose a descriptive name and save it. Now that the list is created, add people (even those you don’t want to follow), by clicking on an individual’s profile. Choose add or remove from lists from the pull down menu. Then choose the list you want and you are done.

Happy Tweeting!

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