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Second Opinion and Preapproval Services Empower Your Buyers

July 9, 2012

It’s a buyer’s market today with more homes to choose from at some of the lowest prices in history. Even so, your buyers can still benefit from additional tools that ensure they have the right mortgage – the best possible mortgage – for their situation.

Preapproval Service

One way to help your clients secure the right mortgage is to encourage them to meet ahead of time with a lender who can review their financial situation and tell them the options available to them. It prevents the sad situation of buyers finding a home that they can’t afford or putting an offer in on a property, but then discovering that their financing isn’t as secure as they thought.

Underwriting has changed in the last few years, so even if your buyers have previously purchased a house, it’s still a good idea to become preapproved before they begin looking to be sure they know how much they will be able to borrow when they do find that perfect property.

We offer free preapprovals for your buyers as well as a consultative approach, which means we ask a lot of questions and then we listen to what your buyer says. What are their short and long term goals, personally and financially? How do those goals impact the decision they make on their home loan?

Second Opinion Service

What about buyers who are already preapproved but have never shopped around to find out if the mortgage offer they’ve accepted is the best for them? Studies have shown that most people do more comparison shopping for a new computer than they do for a mortgage! A Second Opinion can determine whether another mortgage might save them money by offering a lower interest rate or other more favorable terms. It’s another free service we offer.

What’s the benefit to sharing these tools with your buyers? When you can help them save money or time, you strengthen your relationship with them – not just for this transaction, but also for their next home purchase or that of a friend or family member.

Give us a call to find out how you can utilize our free Preapproval and Second Opinion services with your clients.

From Loan Officer Patty Seagrave

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