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Back to the Basics – Lead Generation Tips that Never Go Out of Style

February 23, 2012

Here is our final sales tip article of the month!  Get back to basics to generate leads!

You can never fully exhaust ideas on how to generate fresh leads in the real estate industry. With new online tools, sometimes simple relational strategies don’t get the attention they still deserve.  These old-school tactics may not have the same sizzle as the latest ideas, but they’ve stood the test of time and shouldn’t be abandoned. Add new techniques, but don’t stop the tried and true things that work.

Work expired listings: Where else can you find a market that wants to sell, understands the value of using a realtor, and is in need of one? Expired listings are low hanging fruit! The majority of listings expire in the last few days of the month, so plan your schedule to commit time to follow up with these prospects. You may have to locate a phone number through your own legwork or even go to their doors. But, because these are warm leads, the extra work can definitely pay off.

Keep up your current listings – When you make sure the little things are done well, people trust you to handle the big things, too. It’s how you build a reputation as a superior real estate professional. Apply this to your current listings by making sure simple things are in order. Is your signage in good condition, hanging by a corner, or worse, blown over?  Are the sales flyers replenished?  True, they are little things, but when your name is attached, they matter.

Handwritten notes:  Writing words on paper is becoming a lost art, but in a relational business like yours, it stands out in sharp relief from emails and text messages. Take the time to jot a few sentences to a prospect you’ve met and drop it in the mail. It doesn’t replace the other channels of communication, but it’s a nice touch that’s becoming increasingly rare.

Leave your pen behind:  Do promotional items work? The Promotional Products Association International (PPI) conducted a study that showed 76% of people who received a promo item could recall the name imprinted on it. The most commonly owned promo products in the US, according to PPI are “writing instruments”. Inexpensive pens are easy items to hand out, store, and are willingly used by a majority of people, making it a good item to try.




Loan Officer Keri Hoots

From Loan Officer Keri Hoots

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