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Best Time to Buy Just About Anything…

February 15, 2012

Any business needs to minimize expenses to maximize its income. One way to reduce costs is by buying items at specific times when they are priced lower. Plus, it’s just exhilarating to get a deal! Here’s a sampling…


  • Office furniture: New furniture comes out in February. Old models go on sale ahead of time.
  • Calendars: They can be 50% off or greater after the New Year has begun.
  • Digital cameras – Mid January trade shows herald new models, so pick up an existing model for less.


  • HDTVs: The Super Bowl leads to great prices on televisions.


  • Luggage: Buying luggage mid-season when travel is slow is always a good idea.
  • Golf clubs: Buy last year’s model for less because new clubs are being showcased.
  • Televisions: The fiscal year for Japanese manufacturers ends in March, so they want to move product.


  • Office furniture: Right after tax day, you’ll find sales here.
  • Laptops: Prices are lower this month for no clear reason.


  • Refrigerators: Spring cleaning time.
  • Party and picnic supplies: There’s nothing stopping you from using paper products meant for summer events as your everyday supplies.


  • Paint: Hot days are not a painter’s best friend, but it sure makes prices on paint appealing.
  • Tools: If you’re wondering what to buy dad, retailers have some ideas for you.
  • Suits: In a month that celebrates Fathers, it seems only fitting.


  • Desktop computers: its still summer, but computer makers are counting on back- to-school plans.
  • Grills: If you can wait until after July Fourth, prices go down dramatically


  • Desktop Computers: The back-to-school sales continue.
  • Office supplies: Stocking up on school supplies make this a smart time to shop, even if you’re not a student.


  • Bicycles: Autumn brings a chill to bike sales, so you can find one on sale in September.


  • Tires: Fall Car Care Month is another chance to save.


  • Electronics: Can you say Black Friday sales?


  • Used cars: Dealers are trying to get their year-end numbers up in this profitable area of their business.

There are also some ways you can cut expenses in your day-to-day operations, even if you don’t have a major purchase to make.

Gas: Fill up before the weekend. Prices start to creep up on Thursdays.

Men’s apparel: Online sales seem to be best on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Shoes: Wednesday sales are common.

Sources: Lifehacker, Wisebread

From Loan Officer Lou King

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