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Second Opinion Ensures Buyers Have the Best

November 9, 2011

You can’t buy peace of mind… but with the Second Opinion service, you can offer it to your clients for free! Our Second Opinion program is an excellent sales tool for you because it opens up your market to more buyers, which may lead to more sales, increased referrals, and a business model that demonstrates you are genuinely committed to doing what’s best for your clients.

Just as it is in medicine, a second opinion is very important in the mortgage loan process so borrowers can be sure the pre-approval package they have is the best possible deal for them.

More Than Comparing Interest Rates

A Second Opinion looks at more than interest rate comparisons. It looks at the entire financial picture of the borrower and considers the impact of different down payments, other debts, various term lengths, and more to determine how a borrower can save money over the life of the mortgage.

 What do borrowers receive from a Second Opinion?

Home buyers will know with certainty their pre-approval is the best program available for their specific situation or discover other options that might be better for their short and long-term plans.

 What do you get from a Second Opinion?

  • New Business: You’ll no longer have to end a conversation with a buyer who already has financing secured. The Second Opinion gives you an excellent way to keep communication open as you offer a genuine comparison tool to buyers.
  • Referrals: Even if you cannot improve on the mortgage package borrowers have already, you may find yourself the recipient of their referrals because you’ve shown you’re a credible advisor looking out for customers’ best interests.
  • Minimal time investment: Pre-approved buyers have already been through key parts of the mortgage process, so they are familiar with the basics of their home loan.

 To find out specific ways to utilize the Second Opinion program as a tool in your business, give us a call today!

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