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Tips from the World’s Most Innovative Companies

November 2, 2011
Loan Officer Vonda Henry

From: Loan Officer Vonda Henry

What do the companies below have in common besides being some of the biggest brands in the world? They are consistently named as top innovators, too. Are there lessons real estate professionals can borrow from the success of these global giants? Yes!

Apple computers – Fill a need your clients don’t realize they have.

The late Steve Jobs didn’t just develop cool products – he created needs that consumers didn’t even know they had! Tiny music players? Cell phones that doubled as mini computers? No one was asking for these innovations, and yet, millions wouldn’t live without them now.

  • What can you offer clients that would make their life easier even if they don’t realize it? Is there something you can offer that simplifies the real estate process for the buyer or seller?

 McDonalds – Be reliable and accessible.

A key to McDonald’s success is every location delivers good quality the same way every time. You can be confident you’ll find a McDonalds nearby and that the food will be hot and tasty.

  • Are you easy to reach by phone, email, and text? Do clients know when they ask for something, you will deliver on time, as promised? Are you pleasant to deal with no matter how busy or frazzled you are?

 Google – Tap customers for feedback.

When a new product is rolled out, technology companies, like Google, listen to the feedback they get from users. Often, they introduce the new item to a pilot group first, solicit brutally honest opinions about what works and what doesn’t, and then apply those observations to the final product.

  • Are you asking clients what they need? Are you bouncing ideas off of them? Real estate professionals have an advantage over many other types of business people – your job is all about asking questions and learning what clients want. Why not ask how you can serve them better?

Although these iconic companies have bigger budgets than most real estate companies, it’s not their financial resources that make them so successful – it’s their attention to discovering customer needs and then delivering products that meet those needs better than their competition. Sound familiar?

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