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QR Codes for Business

August 24, 2011

From Loan Officer Patty Seagrave

You can’t miss them, they’re everywhere! QR codes are popping up in magazine ads, on signs, in mailers, even on T-shirts.

A QR code is a quick response bar code. It’s square and contains a random assortment of markings encoded to link you directly with an advertiser’s online content. To use a QR code a person must have a smartphone with a camera and a QR code reader app, which can be downloaded free. Popular uses of QR codes are: deliver online coupons, email signup, sweepstakes entries, and links to product videos.

The question for real estate professionals is: Are QR codes a hip marketing trend or a valuable tool for providing information to buyers? The answer may be both

In the latest Mobile Barcode Trend Report by Scanlife figures show QR code use dramatically increasing. Active users grew by 850%, and the number of QR codes scanned grew by 810%.  So, it’s definitely a growing technology.

However, as cool as QR codes are, advertisers are still searching for ways to use it and increase sales and awareness. Here are some promising opportunities to think about:

  • Business cards: Include a QR code that links to a welcome video in which you reintroduce yourself. “Thanks for scanning the QR code on my business card. I’m glad we’ve connected. I would like to be a resource for you in the real estate market, whatever you might need… advice, information, or an agent when you are buying or selling a home…”
  • Facebook link:  Make it easy for prospects to “like” your Facebook page or to friend you. Include a QR code on sales materials that links directly to your wall. Make sure to tell prospects what they can expect if they “like” you. Weekly market commentary? Discounts or free upgrades when building a home? Free tickets to a local home or remodeling show?
  • Property signs: Forget typing in a property listing’s URL or writing down the phone number. All interested buyers have to do is hold up their phone, scan the code, and they’ll be taken directly to your listing itself. It’s believed that many buyers will not consider a home unless they can first view it online, and QR codes make that easier than ever.

QR code usage is highest among users 25-34.  These users are early adopters who also happen to be the same age as first time homebuyers! That alone makes it a technology worth considering!

Source: Scanbuy

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