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Your Brand in Fifteen Words or Less

July 6, 2011


Loan Officer Kristen DiCarlo

Loan Officer Kristen DiCarlo

Real estate professionals and builders rely more heavily on word of mouth than most others. You know that, so you go out of your way to communicate well, understand the market, and do extra things to make your clients happy. So what happens when they refer you to others, and how will they describe you? Well, you have to market yourself so people know your brand in 15 words or less. Sounds simple, but it’s not – who wants to say less about themselves? However, this is essential to maintaining your distinct brand identity.

It’s hard to do – here are some things to consider:

• Be specific: don’t make your company description so broad that no one understands what you offer. A generic statement will sound like everyone else and won’t set you apart. Even worse, it will leave your target market wondering what it all means. Use clear, specific terms to describe what you do and for whom.

• Focus on your main business: it’s scary NOT to mention everything you can do for every client – but it helps you create an essence that can be passed to others. Describe your business in one sentence and make that sentence meaningful and clear, even if it means that you only highlight your core business and not everything else you do well.

• Choose your category: you might be tempted to categorize yourself in a unique way. For example, instead of realtor… home counselor. You’ll look different, but be careful – people are creatures of habit and like to know what they are getting. It doesn’t help to differentiate yourself if your essence is in a category no one has heard of.

• Short, sweet without the flowery words: can your clients repeat your description to their friends? Will it make an impression, even if someone is driving? That’s the bottom line and that means taking out those fabulous, amazing adjectives and fine-tuning your message to be direct. Make it answer the question – what is this business and what does it do for the customer?

We want to partner with you to help you make your business successful. Call today for more details on our loan programs and the many ways we can assist you.

Source: Marketingprofs

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