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Cell Phone Etiquette

June 8, 2011

From Loan Officer Patty Seagrave

Be Productive With Your Cell Phone… But Not Rude
Cell phones have revolutionized most people’s lives, including those in real estate. It’s almost too easy to be reached and to reach out to others from anywhere. How can you ensure you are being as productive as possible with your mobile phone, but never rude?

A Time and Place
Is there anything more important than the customers you are with?  Well… sometimes, yes. You might be in the middle of a complicated deal that has urgent issues that need attention, but it’s still rude to constantly check your texts or emails in the middle of your appointment. It tells the clients in front of you that they are not important enough for your undivided attention.

If you absolutely must take a call during an appointment, explain the situation upfront, and ask your customers if they mind. Generally, if you show respect to them by asking them ahead of time, they will understand.

Professional ringtones?
You spend a lot of time building your reputation, only to have it damaged by… a silly ring tone?  Because phones have become an extension of our personalities, it’s fun to customize them with quirky screen savers or sounds, but how will your client perceive them? Will they be offended? Curious? Humored? Put off?  Make your decision based on what a potential reaction might be. If that means going back to something more generic, then do it.

Return a call with a call
It can be very tempting to respond to a call with a quick text. After all, it still conveys the same information and allows you to do it faster and more efficiently. Don’t do it. While technology has become an increasingly helpful tool, nothing replaces the courtesy of a call back.

Multi-tasking leads to distraction
It’s convenient to multi-task when you’re on your cell, but the people on the other end of the line will probably sense they don’t have your full attention. Act like they are in front of you – put aside anything else you’re doing before you talk with them.


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