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Winning Presentations

June 1, 2011

From Eddie Kirby

Presentations come in all types of packages. You might speak in front of your local chamber, at a homebuyers’ seminar, or one-on-one with a prospective client.  How can you make it worthwhile, valuable to your audience, and successful in capturing business?

Remember your purpose.
According to Jeff Krawitz, a presenter for MarketingProfs, when you are speaking in front of someone, you are not there just to inform, but to persuade. If what you say is just informational, another communication method may suffice.  When speaking to someone or many “someones,” you need to explain why they should take a specific action. Know what you want them to do before you begin talking.

Presentation to one, many times over.
Are you worried about speaking in front of a group of 20 people, 50 people? Well, you’re not!  You are actually crafting a message for one person only, many times over. What would you say to convince one person about your product or service – how can it help them. Then say it to the entire group!

Connection and credibility.  People buy from people they like, and they also tend to listen to people they relate to. Build rapport by sharing anecdotes or examples with which your audience can connect.  When you show you know their needs and the challenges and concerns they have, attendees will be more likely to listen to your solution. Be willing to be transparent and share your own experiences, but keep it professional.

Handouts they’ll keep.
Slick glossy sales pieces quickly get tossed – they may have great information, but don’t speak to the needs of the audience. Your sales handouts should give attendees something of value to walk away with. Trends in building or remodeling and the related return on investment, how to choose a lot or home inspector, are some ideas.  Share ways your audience can enhance their investment, save money, or save time.

Source: MarketingProfs

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