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Second Opinions: Save Thousands of Dollars

May 4, 2011

Mortgage Banker Gregg FitzGerald

What would your customers think about spending an extra $50,000 on their new home?
Buyers do not want to pay more than they have to for anything, but it could happen if they don’t know all their options.

Buyers Know Shopping Can Save Money – Don’t Do It
23% of those surveyed in a Harris Interactive survey said they understood that a rate drop of 1% could save them more than $100 on their monthly payment, and yet that same research shows most prospective homeowners spent less than a full day reviewing mortgage options to be sure they were getting the best mortgage!

Clearly, there’s a need among your customers for assistance in finding the best mortgage.  Our free Second Opinion Service can address that need, build your credibility, and potentially save your clients money.

Provide a Valuable Service That Your Clients Want
It’s simple – we’ll take a look at your customer’s current mortgage offer and compare it to our loan choices. If we have a mortgage that will save them money, we’ll share that information with them and if not, we’ll tell them that, too. There’s no obligation… just the potential to save your customer thousands of dollars over the term of their mortgage!

Our Second Opinion Service can help you stand out from other real estate professionals because you’re delivering a service that buyers know they need, but simply don’t have the time or the inclination to undertake.

Find out more about our Second Opinion program today! Your loan officer can tell you more about offering this valuable service to your clients.

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