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Facebook Ads – Target, Budget, and Design

April 20, 2011
Loan Officer Keri Hoots

From Loan Officer Keri Hoots

In 2010, more people visited Facebook than any other website, including Google.  Last year, the average user spent more than 55 minutes on the social media site per day. There’s a whole world of prospective customers writing status updates, viewing photos, and potentially clicking on your ad!

Targeting Your Ad

Out of millions of Facebook users, you must choose who will see your ad. There are robust options to select specific markets, based on your criteria. Select where they live, from the nation all the way to zip code. Market to a specific gender, age, marital status, education level. Display your ads only to those who already “like” your page or only to prospects who are friends of friends. You can easily customize ads to run different campaigns in different areas: lake property ads to those living near lakes or condo ads to people within a certain radius of downtown.

Budget and Pricing

So, you have a limited budget? Or uncertainty about dedicating advertising dollars to Facebook ads? Set your campaign length and your budget as low or as high as you like by setting a daily, weekly or campaign limit. Once you reach that ceiling, the ads will automatically stop.


Pay per click (PPC) is when you’re billed for click thrus. Common uses of PPC are boosting Facebook friends by offering an incentive to click on the ad and “like” your page or to market an event and gather an RSVP. Pay per impressions (PPM) means you pay per 1,000 impressions, or views, whether a person clicks on the ad or not.

Facebook pricing and placement is done using bids. Facebook recommends a bid, and you can choose an amount higher or lower. If your bid is too low, other higher-paying ads may receive more exposure, limiting the views and clicks you receive. Experiment with bids 10 percent less than suggested and continue to lower your bid amounts until you see a significant drop off in impressions, which means your bid is no longer competitively priced.

Facebook sends you reports at the frequency you request so you can keep track of your ad, or you can view its status by clicking the advertising link on the bottom of your wall if you’re an administrator.

Ad Design

Now that you’ve done all the detail work, have some fun creating your ad. Your priority should be choosing a graphic that’s eye-catching because in an ad this small, that’s what captures the most attention. The title of your ad is also important. Write your content, edit. Edit again. Change up your ad by using the “create similar ad” link and test how different ads work on your target audience.


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