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Facebook Ads – Choosing a Call to Action

March 30, 2011

In the past week, if you’ve spent any time on Facebook, you’ve been targeted – in a good way.

Not just by friends trying to reconnect or colleagues looking to network, but also by Facebook ads. Tucked on the right side of your wall, the ads feature short bursts of copy, a bold graphic, and a distinct call to action. They offer you an extremely targeted marketing channel to reach out to social networks.

If you’re thinking of testing the Facebook ad waters, you first must determine what you want your call to action to be. Your ad will be built around that decision. There are a few main strategies:

  • Email address acquisition: If this is your goal, you’ll set up your ad to link to an email sign-up page on your website. Think about something you can offer that will motivate people to click through. Some examples are weekly reports on hot properties, tips on new construction or how to choose a lot loan, or the latest trends in decorating.
  • Increase number of Facebook fans: If this is your goal, you’re going to encourage people to go to your Facebook page and click “like.” Once they do that, your updates will appear in their newsfeed, keeping you fresh in their minds.

    What can you do on your Facebook page that will make them want to “like” you? Promise Facebook friends information other customers do not receive. For example, post daily tips on finding foreclosures or short sale properties or neighborhoods that have attractive properties for sale. If you have at least 25 friends, you can brand your wall with a user-friendly domain like: It’s easier to remember and to market.

  • Advertise a special event or seminar: This is a natural place to promote a homebuyer’s seminar or open house. You can have viewers click through to your Facebook page and RSVP there using the event tab, or send them to a sign-up form on your website. Be sure to ask for their email address, and include an opt-in box to sign up for your ongoing communications.

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