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The Truth About Testimonials

March 3, 2011

From Eddie Kirby

Small businesses need to use every marketing tool available to them to stand out and build credibility. One old school way is through testimonials.

Testimonials work because prospects are overwhelmed daily with advertising messages and, in general, they are skeptical about the claims made in them. The advertising begins to sound the same and make the same promises. Where’s the proof? A testimonial provides proof that you deliver what you say you will.

Key things to know when creating testimonials:

Be Real: We’ve all seen testimonial ads for miracle weight loss featuring Joe T. in Omaha. Really? Who exactly is Joe T. and does he even exist? When crafting testimonials, ask permission from customers to use their full names and photos if you want people to take your testimonial seriously.

Specific, specific, specific: Customers tend to write testimonials telling the owner of the business why they were happy. Instead, they should be written to the real audience – undecided prospects. Help your customers frame their comments by providing specific questions that relate to key benefits you provide:

  • “What aspect of ABC Realty’s service stood out as superior?
  • “How did Smith Builders help you in the design process?

Testimonials should speak to needs prospects have and show how your business met those needs. Some ideas might be: working within a construction budget, the need to sell or relocate quickly, confidence the agent or builder knows the area, assistance with mortgage financing, responsive service on nights and weekends, etc.

Strike while the iron is hot: Ask for a testimonial immediately or within a week of completing the sale/closing. Customers are more motivated and enthusiastic right after working with you. In addition, they will have a better memory of specific things you did that made them happy.

Your loan officer is there to work with you to market your business and satisfy the needs of your customers. Call anytime!


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