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Second Opinions: Good Tool for Realtors and Homebuyers

February 17, 2011

40% of homebuyers do not comparison shop for a mortgage and take the first deal offered to them. In contrast, these same consumers reviewed three different offers before buying a computer. – Research by Harris Interactive & Lending Tree.

“Am I getting a good deal on my mortgage?” Homebuyers ask themselves this question frequently as they proceed through the home buying process. No one wants to find out after they’ve signed the paperwork that they could have obtained a mortgage with better terms or a lower rate. That’s why our Second Opinion service can be so valuable to realtors and homebuyers.

Our Second Opinion program is a free service. Our experts review the rates and terms of your customers’ mortgage loans to determine if they are getting the best loans possible. If we offer a loan that’s a better fit for your customer, we’ll share that information with them. If we don’t, we’ll tell them that too, with our congratulations. Either way, your customers will arrive at their loan closings knowing they’ve chosen a mortgage that’s the best for them.

A Second Opinion delivers:

  • Confidence: Research shows fewer than 3 out of 10 buyers felt confident about their mortgage choices. A Second Opinion provides that confidence because homebuyers are actively involved in comparing loan options and ultimately choose the one they are most comfortable with. That, in turn, makes them more at ease with the rest of the home buying process.
  • Financial savings: Most mortgages involve a lot of money! Small changes to the interest rates or other terms, therefore, make a big impact on a homeowner’s finances. If you can make their monthly payment more affordable or save them thousands of dollars over the life of their loan, isn’t it worth taking that extra step?
  • Credibility with customers: Your customer looks to you to do what’s best for them. By using our Second Opinion program to evaluate the mortgage loan they have been offered, you set yourself apart from other real estate professionals who simply want to close the deal as quickly and easily as possible.

Would you like more specific details about how the Second Opinion program works? Talk with your loan officer today.


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