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How to Get Heard in the Crowd

November 29, 2010

Have you ever wondered why your message isn’t getting through loud and clear?  You keep shouting it, blogging it, mailing it, emailing it, but you’re not getting the reaction you expected?

Make yourself stand out in the crowd by:

  • Defining your customer segments properly. Sometimes failure occurs right away because your customer segments aren’t correct.  Instead of defining people by customer segments, define them by customer needs.  Focus on the “job” that customers want or need accomplished.  Ted Levitt said it best “People don’t want a quarter-inch drill.  They want a quarter-inch hole.”
  • Building brand equity. If your product does the job and customers talk about it, you’re building brand equity.  Your brand should signal loud and clear what it does as well as when the customer should and should not buy the product.
  • Narrowing your focus. Though it sounds scary, narrowing your focus can make you stand out against your competition.  By focusing on and addressing your customer’s needs before your competitors, you can boost market share, revenue and your morale.

Re-examine how you market yourself and your product/service.  Are you emphasizing the product/service or the job that the product/service solves uniquely for your customers?  Provide the right buzzwords for your customers to ensure they do not miss out on an opportunity to use your product/service.

Joy James – Mortgage Banker at Guaranty Mortgage Services


Source: MarketingProfs, Harvard Business Review

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